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Why I like Portraits


The reason I like taking portraits is the feeling of seeing the model’s reaction to their photos. Seeing themselves beautiful and genuine. The best portraits are those which tell some kind of story about the character in frame. Me and my friend Essi have these photoshoots quite often nowadays since I moved to Helsinki. We go to some new place to take photos of the streets and ourselves. It’s a good way to keep finding new locations and keep the flow of taking portraits going on.


As a photographer it’s also important to be on the other side of the camera for a while, to feel how it’s like to be modeling. To know better how the model would want the photographer to direct them.

It’s different to take photos with your friends than people you don’t know. It might be awkward if the photographer doesn’t say anything and you should just pose in front of the lens. It’s better to have a conversation with the model and learn about their character. When you know the model even a little bit, it’s easier to show their personality in photos.


The location and other elements matters as well as the framing and posing. Photos above share something about Mikko’s and Benjamin’s hobbies. I love it when people are happy with the photos of themselves and can have those as a memory of special moments. When the portrait is not too much about a posing position but an authentic moment it is more genuine and real. I snapped a photos of Edson and Pauliina at just right time.


There would be many more portraits and stories to talk about, some of them you can find from my portfolio. Here’s one more photo of me when I was enjoying the moment that I had just got my new camera.


Photo by Mikko