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Something different


It’s always good to try new things and keep learning. I haven’t been taking photos at night much until this day. Recently we had two night photoshoots with my friend Mikko. We wandered around Helsinki city center and looked for some neon lights. We found this cool spot with turquoise lights and took photos there.


When at night the light conditions are not so convenient for portraits, it is good to find other light sources. In the city there are many lights at night where you are able to shoot. At night everything looks different than in daylight and the familiar places become more interesting. Creativity can be used in totally new level, when you have to think of other ways to find light and how to capture the moment.


Another night shoot we did was a bit off from the city center. We found this graffiti place and took some portraits there. It helps to have a tripod or a stand for camera, when you can set the shutter speed slower in order to capture more light. Otherwise, you need to set ISO sensitivity much higher which creates more grain in the photos. You always want to keep the ISO as low as possible. But in the low light conditions, when you don’t have a tripod or a place to set up your camera, setting ISO higher helps.


There was a skate park nearby as well. Skate park looked super cool at night when the shadow and light met. The moon light lit up the scenery and light spots at skate park could be used as light sources.

I’ve got to admit I’m not so good at shooting at night. I haven’t practiced it a lot and I often forget to carry a tripod with me. That’s why I need to keep practicing and going out to shoot more.


Going out of your comfort zone is super important once in a while. It’s the place where growth happens. Shooting with low light conditions at night is definitely not in my comfort zone, but it gave me so many new ideas and I could see the city differently again.

I even used to have a list of new things that I’ve tried. And I still have. I collect all the new things I’ve done, new places I’ve been to or new experiences I’ve got to see. I like to improve myself and by doing something new I feel like I’m going forward.


Now, summer is slowly turning into autumn and it’s hard to accept that. Summer photoshoots turn into late night autumn shoots with colors and less light. I would like to think that it is still summer, but everyone keeps talking about autumn and I also realize I need to wear a woolen shirt and a jacket again. This autumn for me is different, when I am not going back to the university. Instead I’m working and living in the capital city of Finland. I’m kind of excited about autumn and what it will bring. I’ve always liked the scenery where leafs change color and new hobbies and events fill up your calendar. Autumn is like a new beginning.