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Moving is Exciting

I moved! From Lappeenranta to Helsinki. The past month has been a hustle of packing, moving and unpacking. I didn’t film or take photos much during that time. Now everything is in order, almost. Moving is tough but also exciting. All the new places to film and discover. New corners of houses and streets to walk and new people to meet.


This week we head to Munkkiniemi, a part of Helsinki, to have a photoshoot with my friend Essi. We planned taking photos regularly in different places around Helsinki together. It’s important to have like-minded friends to hang out with. I sometimes like to go taking photos alone too, but with friends it’s even more fun and you get much more ideas together.


Moving to Helsinki felt easier cause the place was already familiar to me and I have relatives and friends around here. A city can feel like home faster with friends and a lot of fun things to do. Just need to keep being active and try new stuff.


After taking photos next to beautiful houses we walked across the ice to this bed of reeds. The sun was shining and it felt like spring even though it has just snowed and the wind was strong. After taking photos we run inside to drink tea as it still was freezing cold. It was a good afternoon photoshoot.


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