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lauravilma photography


Math and Problem solving

Often people might think that I study photography or media. But no, I haven’t studied media. If we don’t count two months media course in Kansanlähetysopisto, I’m a self-taught photographer. I’ve learned the most from other photographers and filmmakers, working with different media teams and just learned by doing and practicing.


But what I have studied is totally different. I graduated as Bachelor’s of Information technology. Those studies focused on software engineering and programming. In my masters I study Business Analytics. That specific master program was held first time at my university when I started. My studies included courses form both technical math and business programs. Since analytics hasn’t been around for long, not everyone knows what it is like. My studies focused on data analysis and courses around that topic. Analytics is a lot about math, statistics and logical problem-solving. Background in programming helps with collecting and aggregating data.


During my studies I worked as an IT support person and even in my family I was always the one to help with the devices. Currently I’m working as a developer trainee in data team at ICT web services of a media corporation. Our job is to make reports based on data, visualize data and analyze it. I’m also working with my master’s thesis at the moment. At work I enjoy that there is so much to learn and new things to discover daily. Since it’s my first time to work in this field I’m still learning and developing my skills.


I’ve always been an analytical person. As a kid a psychologist said to me that I have good analytical skills. I liked math at school and I like to solve problems and think logically. I enjoy working with analytics cause it is a lot about making conclusions and finding ways to fix problems. I’m a curious person and I ask questions continuously. I want to find out why certain things happen, what are the reasons behind it and how could we develop to get even better results. And that’s the reason to do analytics. To get better results.


Apart from technical tasks I still like to work with more creative stuff. Such as videos and photos. Right now, I think it’s good to have different skills and keep learning new things.


Thanks for reading about different topic this time and feel free to ask any questions you have in mind.

See ya!

Photos by
1. Henri Aalto
2., 3. and 6. Mikko Laitinen