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lauravilma photography


Helsinki home & New hobbies


I’ve been living in Helsinki for a month now. The past month has been a lot of hustling, adjusting and finding new things to do. I had a housewarming party and friends from Lappeenranta and Joensuu visited me. I’ve met my relatives and friends who live here and catched up with them. I also started swimming after six years break. I used to go swimming even five times a week when I was in junior high school. Feels so good to be back in the swimming pool and practice again.

Besides that the spring is finally here and I started to go running again too. We are practicing for a 10 km running event. Well, a little bit of a background story, last year we run a half marathon for the first time with my friends Tommi and Anni. We even traveled to Åland to run that 21,1 km. But that’s another story and another adventure, now just 10 km, it feels accessible.


Since I have lived here for just a little time, I still feel like a tourist walking with a camera in my hand, visiting all the popular places and wandering around with google maps in the other hand trying not to get lost. Here’s couple of photos nearby my home (and a bit further). I just love those colorful houses.


Well not only all that, but I also started working at Alma Media as a developer trainee on data team. I’m grateful I got that job and the opportunity to learn new things and develop my skills. I’m happy but also I will need some time to adjust to the working life and routines after university studying life.

Overall, Helsinki starts to feel like home little by little.


Have a great week everyone and see you around ☀️