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Glance of Notre Dame


We traveled to Paris two weeks ago with my friend Anni. My main reason to go there was the concert of my favorite band, Bear’s Den. I had been waiting for a year that they would have a tour again, and now I got to see them perform live! It was amazing. I knew almost all the songs they played, except the new ones that hadn’t been released yet. I stayed in Paris just for two nights, Anni stayed a little bit longer.


It was my first time in France, and first time in Paris. Also for Anni, so we had to see all the popular sights that there was. We visited Notre Dame cathedral and a week after our trip read the news about the fire. I couldn’t believe it, just a week ago it was there, totally fine. We even went to the roof from where I have a bunch of photos.

I feel sorry for all the people in Paris, to whom Notre Dame was important. This tragedy also reminds how fragile everything is. How we really can’t know when it’s the last time to see something or someone. We shouldn’t think of too much about what is coming next or what was in the past. Enjoy the moments that are present.


We also walked to Louvre Museum and visited it’s yard. We saw the Eiffel Tower and its light show at night. I ate crepes with caramel sauce at food market and we did some shopping. I bought two pullovers and thought that I need to wait until next autumn to wear them. But right after I reached Helsinki-Vantaa airport it was snowing in Finland. At least the pullover was needed.


Paris was full of small streets and pretty corners, cute bookstores and coffee shops. On our last day we visited Sacré-Cœur. Climbed up the stairs and had a picnic nearby the church. Sun was shining and it was as warm as in Finland in summer. All the popular places were full of tourists and subway stations were crowded. When I came back to Helsinki at night, it seemed like there were not many people around, which was kind of nice for a while.


Weekend after Paris I also visited my family and hometown and that was a long trip by train. Weekend trips are nice but now I’m having a flu and I’m resting at home. Sleeping, eating ice cream, watching videos and photos from France help me get better.


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